Sorry guys , i decided to stop doing these in HD , the time it takes to save and upload was getting a little out of hand. This might end up being in HQ but i'm not sure. anyway... ENJOY! going to spend some more time with this juice , it tastes a lot like the mar-bro i get from little more nutty and sweet , but not by much. Plus 30ml for $15 is a damn good deal as far as i'm concerned get in on the giveaway!! , the cut off is June 25th open to subscribers and ECF members only! thanks

The Ultimate e-cig VAPE

Just me goofing off . I was holding all my devices and the girl said " i bet you can't take a drag of all of them at the same time" i felt obligated to defend myself against her accusations. mini pipe (review coming soon) dse-901 dse-801 Nebula Joye-510 (review coming soon also) reckless throat hit , monster vapor, someone in the forum needs to make a 5 atomizer mod