Puresmoker.com (ORIGINAL) USB Passthrough

so my new Puresmoker Passthrough (PT) Arrived today. This PT feels really solid , no more throwaway Chinese PTs any more. All my 801 atomizer from different suppliers all work really well with it , and like i said in the video it brought an atomizer that i thought was dead , back to life! i'm still getting a horrible burning flavor from a few my attys. The one from e-smokeytreats seems to be performing the best on this PT , which is interesting because it's performed the worst on all my penstyle batteries , even the manual penstyle battery... so figure that one out Even my Flu-Cured tobacco in "MED" strength is giving me a reckless throat hit and top notch flavor so far so good. I need to figure out what is causing the "burt plastic" flavor in my other attys , i have a feeling it is from the power that this thing puts out is over heating the atomizers from the very first drag. They could be the RN atomizers that burn hotter anyway as my e-smokeytreats atomizer it a "TRUE" 801 atty. i have also tried my minipipe atomizers on there just for shits and giggles , they activate and heat up but don't offer any air flow , ho hum... i'll find a use for them someday. thanks for watching!

vaporcountry.com manual 801 battery follow up / final review

after spending a good amount of time with this battery i feel like i can make an educated judgment on it. GRADE: B the only read downfall of this battery is that it is not sealed. So like any other battery manual or automatic , if juice gets down into the switch it will kill it dead. Otherwise its great! The manual button offers a much more consistent vaping experience , and a long battery life , i get a great throat hit every time , great vapor and a nice flavor. if you have never tried a manual button you owe it to yourself to see what' you're missing out on. All of my devices , with the exception of the EVO and the MiniPipe are all manual switches and i couldn't imagine it any other way

innovapor.com / intellicig.com “EVO” first impressions

i shot this about a week ago , hoping i could upload this and the follow up in the same day , well that didn't quite happen. I feel like i need to spend a little more time with this model in order to give a more accuurate final verdict. i will say so far it's not to bad , the battery lasts a surprisingly long time for it's size , longer than my joye-510 by about 2 hours or so. The carts are a pain in the ASS to refill because of the annoying inner cart design and this particular model battery has a 5 second cut off , which is fine to get good vapor and a good throat hit , but go beyond the 5 seconds and you have to wait for the 2 min "cool down" period before it will work again. After a while it's not to bad to time your drags as to not reach the cut off , but on a bunch of occasions i have been vaping away and not paying attention and hit the cut off and had to wait the annoying 2min for it to reset itself. the battery and the atomizer are really small , this is the only device i have ever had that i hold like an actual analog cigarette , the draw is a bit tough but not bad and dripping with it is really easy because it has the exposed atomizer wick as opposed to being down inside the tube like a 901 or 801 like i said i need to spend some more time with it before i can make an objective decision. Also the bottles eco-pure juice that came with the device is horrible.

vaporcountry.com Ruyan e-juice

i still can't quite place the flavor of this juice , it's really mellow and subtle , reminds me of the "tobacco" flavor that i got from eastmall a while back. Nothing really stands out to me , which i guess would make it a good all day vape , but it's somewhat bland. not to bad , but nothing stands out to me , it's mildly sweet and the juice itself smells pretty bad , kind of like that Virginia juice i had a while back.

Nebula/Vaporking cartomizer on a 901 usb passthrough!!

something i stubmled across today , though i would share. i cant stress enough how light the draw is on this , i'ts almost TOOOOO light , and even though i usually don't enjoy a light draw , i have been enjoying this all night since i accidentally figured this out. i'm sure other people have also done this , but this one requires NO MODDING. The passthrough is from Thehouseofvapor.com , once the shipment of "sealed" passthroughs come in , this might not work anymore , i think the only reason it does is because of the hole in the middle of the passthrough anyway , let me know how / if it works for you

Vaporcountry.com Pineapple juice review

i generally don't like "fruity" flavors , but i was intriuged by this juice that Rob from vaporcountry.com sent me. Pretty nice fresh pineapple flavor , not getting much throat hit , but it does have a nice flavor. Less Pina Colada flavor and more of a Dole pineapple flavor. certainly not an all day thing , at least for me , But not bad as a break from time to time from the Mar-Bro and Cappuccino juices i have been vaping non stop lately