RAWR!!!! Green Peach Tea Juice

So Mike is selling this juice at Jollyrifficmods.com and Empiremods.com at the moment until Rawrvapor.com get's up and running fully. it's some legit juice, i'm alway skeptical of new juices but this one did not let me down at all, perfect amount of menthol , nice lite sweet peach/tea flavor. This bottle was gone quickly. I truly enjoyed it remember that taste is subjective thanks so much everyone http://www.jollyrifficmods.com http://www.empiremods.com http://www.rawrvapor.com http://www.grimmgreen.com

A PBusardo Tutorial – How I clean my Boge 510 LR Cartos

A PBusardo Tutorial - How I clean my Boge 510 LR Cartos A little clarification on this video. This method works best to clean your carto to get the previous juice out so you have little to no flavor creep when using a new flavor. If you're cleaning your carto because you've burnt the piss out of the inside or the coils are gunked to the point the draw is too tight, then this may not work for you, but feel free to try... it's cheap 🙂


I was able to buy this online the night before vapefest, and have Josh from ELP deliver it to me at Vapefest!! Apart from the awful scratches on the chrome Helix, there is nothing really to fault here. The button is a bit touchy but manageable. The price is a bit steep $120 without batteries or a charger. The 26650 battery is INCREDIBLY impressive, Be sure to also watch SteelJan's video on the helix for some really good information regarding these 26650 batteries. HERE IS JAN'S VIDEO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tf1MYUYo9T0 thanks so much for watching everyone. http://www.eliquidplanet.com http://www.grimmgreen.com http://www.vapercon.com