The Best Disposable Electronic Cigarette

Disposable E Cigs are becoming the new fad in electronic cigarettes. Many of the top e cig brands now make disposables, but are they really worth the money? Which disposable ecig is the best? Get full reviews at: IndoorSmokers's Webcam Video from May 17, 2012 04:30 PM MY FAVORITE ECIGARETTE:


as complicated as the Kick is to explain, it is incredibly easy to use. Find a wattage setting you like and leave it there. When I first got it I was putting everything at 10 watts, I found that was a little too intense for a lot of me 1.5ohm attys and cartomizers. 9watts seems to be perfect for me. for only $40 , the ability to have a (somewhat) variable wattage device is very much worth the price of admission. this Kick came from , but I know other vendors like and are carrying then as well. thanks so much for watching everyone!!