A PBusardo Review – The AGA-T(s) – Part 2 – Assembly & Building Tutorial

A PBusardo Review - The AGA-T(s) - Part 2 - Assembly & Building Tutorial IMPORTANT! The Pulse method shown in this video is not exactly the safest method out there. You're starting off with a damn near short which could be detrimental to your battery and has the potential to lead to venting. A couple tips I've heard, 1) Don't use a fully charged battery, let it drain to around 3.7 volts. 2) You may want to clean or torch your mesh before rolling it to get rid of any harmful contaminants. Use these methods, like any electric cigarette device at your own risk!! Three different methods for building your wick and coil are shown in this video. The methods can be applied to most genesis atomizers. Links: http://www.kidneypuncher.com/ http://www.myvaporstore.com/

Μια γρήγορη ματιά σε όλα τα Clearomisers που έχω αυτή τη στιγμή!

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