TripHammer Terrero Rocher E-Liquid Review

Drool... more drooling... giggle....drool etc etc etc.... Todays triphammer review is of the Terrero Rocher E-Juice. One of these days im gonna choose a TripHammer e-juice i wont like... then hell will probably freeze over.... Questions about vaping or general inquiries? Contact me at Website - Facebook - #vape #vaping #ecig

Black Russian 91 V2 Review – A Badass Tank Is Now Even Better!

This is our review of the Black Russian 91 V2. This is very similar to the V1 except for a few minor changes including this new, awesome black finish! You can pick one of these up here Once again, don't forget to join If you are a new Vaper, or are just looking for a something in this form factor, we highly recommend the Mig 21 Kit! Please like our Facebook page!

eLiquid of the Week! | GEEKAMO | TiaVapes

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