The Subox Mini Kit is a new “starter kit” from Kanger. It contains the new mod, the Kbox Mini, and an upgraded Subtank mini.

This kit was purchased from Origin Vape. Origin Vape has a vast selection, EXCELLENT customer service, and competitive pricing!

VENDORS– If you have a product you would like me to review, or to get your shop’s name out there, email me at

Batteries I recommend:
For regulated devices I recommend the Samsung 25R (Light Blue wrapper)

For mechanical devices I recommend the Samsung 25R5 (Green Wrapper)
or the Sony VTC4.

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Please check out Project F.O.G. , our weekly Live show on sundays, at 10 PM EST.
For some reason youtube keeps abbreviating the link, causing it not to work. I have posted a project fog link in the comments. You can also go to my channel and look at my play lists to find Project Fog
And while your at it, check out my brother vapers that do the show with me, Vapin’ Heathen, and Robbie Vapes

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