Teslacig Nano 120 Watt Explodes

Two days ago on a post of a youtube review of Teslacig Nano 120 Wats Graham Knight from South Africa made this comment :  I dont know so much about this device… I purchased mine in September 2017 (so 2 months old now). The device was not in use standing up next to my bed wen it exploded!!! Luckily i was not smoking it at the time! Luckily it was not in my pocket because if it was i would have been critically injured and disfigured. The explosion was so violent that it burnt holes in my bed (wife was not impressed). I took the device to a local Vape store who informed me that this was not an issue that they would deal with and that i should take it up directly with Teslacigs. I have sent numberous emails, they have not responded. This is very disappointing, i mean i have been a fan of this device since it came out, i was stalking it on the internet before it even came to my country. If Teslacigs would contact me back and tell me what could have happened and could reassure me that their devices are still safe to use, i would probably carry on supporting the brand. But the fact is that there has been no response from them whatsoever. This makes me think that either their device is unsafe and they dont want people to know or they just dont care.


I Replied :  Wow if you don’t mind I will take your comment and post it to our blog in order for other users to know the problem and even take it up to Teslacig to see what and if they say anything about it!

So Graham added to it’s original comment : At this stage i have tried to take it to Teslacig through sending emails attached with photos (there has been no reply in the last week and a half and i have sent through more than one email). I have no problem with you posting this. Some background information:  I use a twisp head on the mod (always have as i prefer the way it smokes). I smoke at between 10 and 15 watts depending on how new the coil is. The batteries were purchased at a Vape store (so no cheap market batteries) The batteries were charged about 3-4 hours before the exlosion. The devise was standing idle on a bedside table when it spontaineously exploded (as previously stated if i was smoking it or if it was in my pocket at the time of the explosion, i would have had a significant hole in my face, i think i would have lost a finger or two, or if in my pocket i would have had a huge hole in my leg). Somehting like this is scary thing as when the explosion happened, the device hit the roof before landing on the pillow by my head. My pillow has a huge hole in it (obviously it caught fire). My duvete has a gaping hole and a section of my matress is completely toast. I think that i am being reasonable, all i am looking for from teslacig is an explination of how this could happen, was there something that i could have done to prevent it? The device which cost about R1100.00 (USD 85 – USD90 for those not familiar with South African currency) caused R9800.00 Damage. Never in all of my communications to Teslacig have I before mentioned this as I pay household insurance for accidents like this and as such insurance can pay for this. All I wanted was an explination, and if they felt so inclined a replacement device. If they find that the issue was my fault, somthing I did, great, let me know and then at least i know i can go out and buy another without thinking that it is going to explode on me again. At present it is not like i am not vaping, i have a number of mods that I use ranging for the Smok Alien 220 to the original twisp aero. So feel free to share, post or whatever. if that is wht it takes to get a response from Teslacigs then great.

My reply to Graham’s comment and my personal opinion :  I would like to be honest and tell you that I don’t know the outcome of our article but we’ll do our best to get some answers for this failure that thankfully did not injure you or a member of your family…

I believe that any circuit protected device should prevent a rocket like blast off  that could endanger life and property.

For Graham’s and the community’s benefit a further investigation should be performed from TeslaCigs about this…

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