Corrugated Staple Staggered Fused Clapton Coil Build Tutorial – How to Build The Corrugated SSFC

Showing you how to build a corrugated staple staggered fused clapton/ corrugated staggered staple framed staple coil build tutorial. I cover how to use the easiest technique I have found to do perfect space claptons to nail you spaced claptons. Perfect spacing will greatly increase the likelihood of a successful build. I also cover what tool i use to corrugate ribbon wire and how i use it to make my “wavy ribbon wire” This is an advanced coil build / exotic coil and pretty tricky. I recommend learning and perfecting the techniques of building a normal staple staggered fused clapton and framed staples before attempting this build. photorees4724694thumby

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My goal is to provide all the information you will need so you can start building awesome coils for yourself and make your vaping experience so much better. Which is why I started this coil building / vaping tutorial series. I will be consistently posting how tos about anything vaping, but mostly about building coils. Whether your’e using kanthal, nichrome, stainless steel, titanium, or nickle, these same basic principles apply. The cleaner the build the better the flavor and vapor production. So regardless if you’re a cloud chaser or flavor chaser, mastering the basics of building your coils will step your vape game up! Know your atomizer, do your research, know ohms law and battery safety!! Each and every vaper is responsible for their own safety! If your “vape pen” or “e cig” explodes, its no ones fault but your own. Build at your own risk.

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