The Fossil Squonker by Wapari Mods

The Fossil Squonker by Wapari Mods, check out the FB group for purchasing here –

The faceplate issue has already been sorted 😎

Wapari Fossil Specifications + Components used..
Wapari Fossil
Weight 72g (without battery)
Dimensions 26mmx50mmx87mm

Components Used:
-3D Printed Alumide designed by Tepo Tuorila Wapari Designs
-510 Catch Cup – Wapari Designs
-Gold Plated 510 Centre Squonk Pin – Wapari Designs (Peek Insulator) and unbelievable spring
-Mouser 4010 Mosfet
-Omron B3SL MicroSwitch IP-67 Waterproof and dust proof
-Gold Plated Positive Battery Connector
-Gold Plated Battery Door
-Supersoft 10ml Squonk bottle with Delrin Cap and Delrin bottle feeder plate.
-Silicone Wire 14G Red and Black
-Teflon Wire 16G Black
-Silver based Solder
-Industrial Grade Cyanoacrylate for bonding PCB – Permabond
-Industrial Grade 2 part Epoxy Resin, Handling 20-30 mins cure time 72 hours (Permabond ET515)

PLEASE, remember these are just my opinions, I am just some bloke in a shed with a webcam after all, so I would strongly advise that you research everything before you buy, never go off just my opinion, read and view as many reviews as you can. The majority of my reviews are for products I have received free for review, this in no way affects my opinion.

Ensure that you check your resistances and batteries before firing any device, vaping safety must always be your first priority.


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Equipment I use:

Grecian 2000 light brown
VO5 Hair Gel
Panasonic HC-V720
A Shed
Working Cocker Spaniel (painting by
A very patient wife.

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