Squirming Coils/3cvape Conspiracy RDA Review & Build | Look Out Goon!

In this video I do a review & build on the squirming coils & 3cvape conspiracy rda. you can purchase the conspiracy rda here at one of my favorite places: http://bit.ly/AV-VAPEHAPPY for 59.99$

squirming coils: @squirmingcoils @3cvape @coilconspiracy

video was sponsored by: https://www.smokly.com/ use coupon code “AV10” for 15% off! one of the lowest prices for smok & e juice

this product was sent to me for the purpose of this review from: @squirmingcoils & will NOT change my opinion!!!
the conspiracy rda was built by 3cvape and designed by squirming coils from IG. its a 24mm rda with a graveyard style postless deck that has 3mmx1.5mm post holes. the conspiracy rda only comes in SS and it has an awesome silver plated deck!!! comes with a squonk 510 pin and a regular gold plated 510 pin. 10mm x 2mm airflow cyclops style holes. this rda is my favorite rda to date! right there witht he dead rabbit!

Best place i like to buy:: http://bit.ly/2jGRJ50

another good place: http://bit.ly/2kIZUvg

Check out here: http://usedvape.com/ you can check out used vape gear and trade

https://www.smokly.com/ use coupon code “AV10” for 15% off! one of the lowest prices for smok & e juice

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VENDORS: If your looking for your product to be reviewed in a professional manner email me : ambitionzvaper@gmail.com


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twitter: https://twitter.com/AmbitionZVapeR
vaporium: http://ift.tt/2rSKLPH

Music by: jack elphick

MV88 Shure Mic
Phantom 3 standard edition drone.
Final cut Pro X
Panasonic G7 & 30mm Macro f2.8 lens


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