Kangertech Spider Kit & Nitro’s Cold Brew Liquid

UPDATE: it’s not ejuice depot, it’s Ejuice Demand! Link is down below in the description.

Kangertech has a new kit and this one has a mini version of the 5 / 6 tank that has some interesting coil options and an actual chip inside the base that helps to select how many coils you actually use. The mod is pretty different too, so let’s check it out!

Heaven Gifts has the kit here: http://ift.tt/2AxqBeD

Elegomall also has it: http://ift.tt/2i6Kfau

When I find trusted US sites that carry it, I’ll drop those here too.

For the juice, and Gator Bored tips, check out: http://bit.ly/2yr6ePC And for the juice, use coupon code NITROS30 to get 30% off!

Trusted sponsor links to vape stuff you may want to try:

– Vape Happy is a great site for vape in the US: http://bit.ly/VAPEHAPPYVTC

– MyVPro is a another great site, in the US, for vape buys: http://bit.ly/2nmnd0b

– Coil Master has coils and building stuff for every need: http://ift.tt/1yAAu7Y

– Brad’s Vapor: http://bit.ly/29J9RIZ

– Check out Elegomall for great deals on retail and wholesale: http://ift.tt/1TRELvH

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And the Sea Glass Hunter Channel is here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC36JkOmN35-25wVwNAq4iSg

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These are solely my opinions, based on my use of these products. Please do your research, and use caution when using these devices. Buy or use at your own risk! These items were provided free so I could share them with you here on the channel. Vapor Trail Channel makes no claims regarding these items being “healthy”.


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