A Buttaface! The Simply Squonk kit by VZone


Where can purchase the Vzone SIMPLY Squonk kit?
In USA, http://ift.tt/2AJJVFc In Canada, http://ift.tt/2ePdDTP In Italy, http://ift.tt/2AMiLgD http://ift.tt/2CWG8dm In Russia, https://vapetiger.ru/ In Indonesia, http://ift.tt/2AJJWce In Japan, http://ift.tt/2CXzn79 http://ift.tt/2CXxqfc http://ift.tt/2AMiLNF http://ift.tt/2CZysY3 In Philippines, http://ift.tt/2AMiMBd http://ift.tt/2CYEMio In China,
http://ift.tt/2AMiNFh In Dubai, http://ift.tt/2CVg16C Also, Check out AVE40….
Questions? Email me at VapnFagan@gmail.com
Check out Not Another Vape Show Sunday night at 7pm CST right here on my channel….
Check out The Vape Team with Me, Mike Vape and TVC every Thursday Night at 9CST-10EST on The Vape Team channel
Check me out on Facebook…
Facebook Group "VapnFagan Vape Lounge"
Check me out on Instagram…
A few sites/vendors that i use and trust…
http://ift.tt/2fJfOqe http://www.heavengifts.com (Coupon Code AVF15)
My preferred cotton The Cotton Candy Collection
(Coupon Code "VAPNFAGAN20" takes 20% off)
My preffered coils I use for mech mods, Squonk mods and unregulated mods…Coilology Tri-Core Fused Claptons
or you can get them here….
Batteries I use for regulated and mech mods…
Sony VTC5A
All reviews are my opinions only. Please watch more then one review on a product before you make your final decision.

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via VapnFagan https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiBfJwdccWBds1hrhxOLFZA

January 13, 2018 at 08:19PM

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