Goon V1.5 Review + Drippy D… Ejuice – Watermelon Grape

It’s finally time to review the Goon V1.5!!! I’m glade I waited a bit longer to review this rda, because it does have it’s quirks. Needless to say, it still a nice topper. The ejuice reviewed today was a Watermelon Grape flavor by Drippy D… (links in the description below…). It’s a 60ml, 70/30 blend, that retails for $26.95. As far as I can tell, these liquids are not available in anything less than 3mg nic, which is a real bummer, and would probably steer me away from a future purchase alone (besides other things…)
Thanks for watching guys,
– The Daily Dripper
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Titan V2 –
Goon V1.5 –
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Saddlehorseblues Tsukas –
22G A1 Kanthal –
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Steam Engine, Ohm’s Law –
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Steam Engine, Battery Drain –
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January 13, 2018 at 10:31PM

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