B2K Trvpmatik RSA by BB Vapes Brvnd / Straight Outta The Toaster – Juicy Snoos

B2K Trvpmatik RSA by BB Vapes Brvnd / Straight Outta The Toaster


Direction le Canada aujourd’hui chez BB Vapes Brvnd, une marque sûrement ultra fan de hip-hop au vu de ses références, afin de se détailler le fameux B2K RSA dans sa V5, la version Trvpmatik ! Dripper single coil d’un diamètre de 23mm avec un airflow indirect, qui a fait un énorme buzz de par son packaging ultra fournit. Mais son package n’en fait pas forcément un bon dripper, alors qu’en est il de ce B2K ? Let’s see that together 😉
Et pour arroser ce petit RSA, un jus de chez Flawless de la gamme B.F.B. le Straight Outta The Toaster, un excellent Strudel à la fraise bien crémeux à la mode U.S. Ultra lourd !!!
Un énorme merci à Kumulus pour cette revue !!
—- LIENS —-
Le B2K Trvpmatik V5 RSA chez Kumulus Vape : https://ift.tt/2jjLof8
Le B.F.B. Straight Outta The Toaster de Flawless chez Kumulus : https://ift.tt/2HH8Kpz
— Musiques —
Intro : Stuck on you / Prodigy & the Alchemist
Montage : The Place / WEDO BEATS
Montage réducteur de chambre : 9th Wonder – Wind Jammy Soul
Outro : Future – Mask Off
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✴✴✴Sigelei Fuchai R7 Kit – HERE WE GO!!!✴✴✴ – VapnFagan

✴✴✴Sigelei Fuchai R7 Kit – HERE WE GO!!!✴✴✴


Siglerei Fuchai R7
Mod Only
R7 Kit
A reliable and low priced site for Vape gear
A great site for vape gear (Use Coupon Code AVF15 )
Another great site for Vape Gear and eLiquids (USA)
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Sandman Mech Mod + Njord RDA Kit Atom Vapes, MACRO – CONCLUSIONES – MACRO – RoBeR ReVieW

Sandman Mech Mod + Njord RDA Kit Atom Vapes, MACRO – CONCLUSIONES – MACRO


💨 Visita el canal de ofertas en Telegram: https://ift.tt/2mJIpAZ
‼️ Más: ofertas en: https://ift.tt/2qZMXTE
📱 Chat Ofertas: https://ift.tt/2zkDlct
Email de contacto: robervaping@gmail.com roanpek@gmail.com
Suscribete: http://goo.gl/vZMOQa

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I’m Bald! – Vape Channels In Danger? – Flavor Survey Ending Soon – Zamplebox Flavor Update – Suck My Mod

I’m Bald! – Vape Channels In Danger? – Flavor Survey Ending Soon – Zamplebox Flavor Update


In this vlog we talk about the flavor survey that is ending very soon. We also talk about infighting in the industry and the state of vape channels on youtube. Please Copy and Paste this into your browser. Chrome browser seems to work the best. https://ift.tt/2HOLJSw…
From a phone, text CASAA FLAVORS TO 52886

Sponsor: https://ift.tt/1yAAu7Y
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Here is our ZB profiles for you guys to check out!
Matt’s is http://bit.ly/1OlD7S5
Vee’s is http://bit.ly/1Huk3jn
Once again don’t forget to join http://casaa.org

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Monday Night Live! Teasing the Nations – Vaping Biker

Monday Night Live! Teasing the Nations


Another Monday Night Live with Mr Todd!
*Vaper Expo UK* – http://vaperexpo.co.uk/
*Convention Tips:* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=14XtmtIrWdg
*Advocacy*: If in the USA, text CASAA FLAVORS to 52886 and take the survey
This video represents my opinion only, and always watch multiple opinions before parting with your hard earned cash
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Occasional Mic – Boya BY M1- http://amzn.to/2nYWF7p
Computer – Late 2014 27" 5k Imac Pro
Editing Software
Video – Final Cut Pro X
Photo – Affinity Photo
Vector – Affinity Designer

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