Loaded Melon Milk and Apple Fritter Review


Welcome to my channel! My name is Mandy and I am The Fibro Phoenix Vaper. I am a Vape Reviewer. I started this journey several months ago and really enjoy it. I have some health issues and that is where the Fibro part comes in. I love a Phoenix because they’ve always rise from the ashes and that is what we have to do to survive the day to day. I hope you enjoy my channel, SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, COMMENT and feel free to share. Keep it healthy and cloudy my friends. STAY TUNED…
This is my Vape Review of Loaded Melon Milkshake and Apple Fritter . I usually, steep eliquids and let them breath unless they are said to be presteeped. I test my products for multiple days, unless it is a first impression of the product. Get Yours Today:
Loaded Melon Milkshake
Loaded Apple Fritter
Business Inquiries: reviewsbymandy@gmail.com
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CASAA: https://www.casaa.org/
SFATA: https://sfata.org/
AVA: https://vaping.org/
Where I buy locally:
https://ift.tt/2GRPDsn (Columbia, TN)
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Hey Everyone! My name is Amanda and I am a local vaper from Middle Tennessee. I am a photographer and vape enthusiast. I love every aspect of photography and the art behind it. I was struck with some health issues about 5 years ago and have been unable to pursue my love of photography to the level I once did, since then. I got into vaping and have fell completely in love with it. It’s a life saver, an art form, and so much more. I love reviewing and would love to review many more products. I hope you enjoy what you see and share it with your friends.
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via Mandy Connelly https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClVzbqRZEGgViQ8eXwG1PHw

April 17, 2018 at 12:36AM

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