Apollo OHM Go Kit Review


Heeeeeey vapers! What’s going on? Apollo Ecigs very kindly sent me the Apollo OHM Go Kit + some eliquids to review. You might have seen the written review on the website (I’ll throw the link below), but now you can watch the disaster unfolding in front of you … Written review: http://www.best-ecig.co.uk/apollo-ohm-go-kit-review/
There was some gurgling, some hissing, some spitting, and some leaking. It’s safe to say that it wasn’t a positive review. A few specs:
Pen-style vaporiser kit
Self-adjusting, up to 50W
Top-filling 2ml Portal tank
1900mAh battery
Thanks to Apollo for this … So sorry that we didn’t get along so well. (Awkward.) Massive thanks to you lovelies for watching me today too. Don’t forget to give the vid a thumbs up + subscribe to my page if you liked it. You can buy the Apollo Ecigs OHM Go Kit here: https://ift.tt/2r288Vf [affiliate link|ad]
Get social with Apollo Ecigs here:
https://ift.tt/2r1BN0K Let me know what you think if you’ve ever tried this device for yourself. Tell me if I persuade you to buy & try it too … Or not. Thanks so much for watching!
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April 26, 2018 at 09:34PM

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