Akuma e-Liquid Review by Modus Vapors


..pastry flavours can be a tough one to nail! But has Akuma got it? Here is my Review of Akuma by Modus Vapors many thanks to http://www.thedripclub.com for sending this over for this review *all comments and opinions in this and all my other reviews are produced by me and all opinions are entirely my own* Find me on Social media: TWITTER: @ginger_vaper INSTAGRAM: @gingervaper have a look for Vapefindr on your mobile device as well! Seriously a kickass app! Gear Info: MOD: IPV3 li Carbon Edition RDA: Lush by WOTOFO Build: Dual s/s 316l Claptons 24g Core 28g Wrap Rated at approx 0.16ohms Wick: Cotton Bacon v2

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via The Ginger Vaper (uploads) on YouTube https://youtube.com/playlist?list=UUyS2dezqPkiB0m2d3OC4P6Q

May 15, 2018 at 11:28PM

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