Truth or Vape! Gross E Liquid Flavor Challenge

Truth or Vape! It’s here. A lot of you have been requesting that we do a video where Zamplebox coworkers either have to answer a tough question or else vape a gross e liquid. Well, we aim to please. We set Chris and Ian down and lined them up with a bunch of the most difficult, uncomfortable questions we could muster. They can answer them or face the horror of a gross vape juice. You’ll probably learn more about Chris and Ian in this video than any other. Maybe even some things you didn’t want to know. We try gross e-liquids so you don’t have to. Chris and Ian punish their tongues to find you the best e liquid made in the USA.
Learn more about Zamplebox, the original vaping family, by going here: And use this code for a discount on your first box: 10ZBYOUTUBE

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May 16, 2018 at 01:06AM

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