Herakles III 25 Mesh Edition – Sense Finally Has A Mesh Coil!


In this video we check out the Herakles III 25 Mesh edition by Sense. This is a new edition of the Herakles III that has a very good mesh coil that is compatible with a lot of their other tanks. Pick it up here in the States soon
Here’s my favorite mods!
-Smoant Charon http://bit.ly/vapor_dna http://smoant.com/
-Lost Vape Therion DNA75C http://bit.ly/vapor_dna
-Wismec RX GEN3 http://bit.ly/vapor_dna http://bit.ly/myvpro

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Here is our ZB profiles for you guys to check out!
Matt’s is http://bit.ly/1OlD7S5
Vee’s is http://bit.ly/1Huk3jn
Once again don’t forget to join http://casaa.org These videos are my opinions based on the experiences I have had with the product. Most of the products I have received at no charge for the purpose of review. I retain the right to say whatever I want about the products, and I have always been 100% honest in my videos. FTC: Some links in my videos may be affiliate links where I get a very small kickback which goes to support the channel and upgrade equipment. These links are only used if I received the product from a manufacturer, but I needed to add a retail link to a different online store.

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via Suck My Mod https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaABLqKOy33BcQBU0bG1mmA

May 17, 2018 at 02:57AM

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