Terrible…At First – Joyetech Teros Pod System Review


The Teros by Joyetech! Gosh I was worried about this one at first. Just a heads up guys but the pod this one came with for me at least seemed to have issues. Was getting some really dry hits occasionally even after I let the thing sit in juice for a good 10 minutes. Once I decided to try another pod though, this thing worked beautifully. Might of just been a fluke. If you’re looking for a great pod system I’d highly recommend this one because the battery life is fantastic. Will probably only take you about an hour to charge it full and it’s lasted me for two days. This thing hits like a champ. I’m pleasantly surprised after I through a new pod in, only down side though is that it kinda whistles a bit. I swear I hear it, let me know if you do too, but honestly it’s not really a big deal because the flavor on this device is really good. It’s a little wider than the juul, but it’s almost like a mix between the juul and the sorin drop. It’s a fun little device and if your looking for something that’s got great battery life, a really nice tighter draw and really good flavor you won’t be disappointed picking up this guy. In my opinion it’s worth every penny!
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June 14, 2018 at 01:48AM

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