Vape and Health Contest

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Right to Vape Campaign for the AVA/R2BSmokefree ☆ *please share this link everywhere Channel support and donations:
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*Official Rules for Giveaways*
☆All giveaways are free to enter
☆You must be 18 or over ▪Winners must send a picture holding ID ☆Winners pay for shipping
▪inside the US is $7.30
▪outside of US can be upwards of $30.00
☆You must be subscribed to my channel ☆You must Like(Thumbs up) the video
☆As always #nobullshit ▪complaining, nagging will disqualify you
☆You must leave one comment and one comment only
▪if you leave more than one comment you will be disqualified ☆Leave the word, phrase, or hashtag that is instructed in the giveaway video along with your comment
*entrants must comply with youtube terms of service and community guidlines or risk disqualification from contest. ☆
YouTube is not a sponsor of any of my contests.YouTube is released from any and all liability related to my contests ☆
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June 14, 2018 at 08:01AM

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