Smok Stick Prince VS Vaporesso Cascade One Plus [It’s an EASY decision]

Smok Stick Prince vs Vaporesso Cascade One Plus – Today we’re comparing the two best selling “stick” style subohm kits. The Stick Prince and the Vaporesso Cascade One Plus – both of these feature a 3000mAh internal battery, so they are comparable in that aspect. The e-liquid capacity on the Stick Prince takes the cake at 8ml with the extension glass compared to the 5ml capacity on the Cascade One. The overall build quality is going to go to the Cascade One Plus – the machining is very nice and the matte finish really stands out. The coil lifespan also goes to the Cascade tank – in my experience these coils last 2x or 3x the span of the Stick Prince. Smok’s QC with their coils seems to have gone downhill.. But I want your guys feedback! I used to love the coils on the Stick Prince, but recently it seems like they only last a few days compared to 1-3 weeks. I personally also like the airflow on the O+, but that is very subjective, I know a lot of people like the airflow on the Stick Prince more since it’s more open and airy. What’re your thoughts? Anyone have both? Which one do you like more? Are your Smok coils still lasting a good amount of time? As you guys know from my previous videos, I’ve been a pretty big fan of most smok products (the stick prince included), but lately the coils (and leaking with the h-priv baby) have been throwing me off.
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June 15, 2018 at 02:47AM

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