Wismec Active Bluetooth Music Kit ! Vaping&Listening | 2100mAh | 80W


Wismec Active Kit with Amor NS Plus Tank is a surprisingly innovative kit, which adopts wireless technology(bluetooth technology) to be not only a good vaping companion but also a high-quality speaker for playing music. If you like music, then this kit enables you to enjoy vaping and listen to musics simultaneously. Active Kit is equipped with a silicone case, which protects it from shock. Also, it’s waterproof and supports playing music under water, thus you can comfortably vape it even if it’s wet with rain, water, etc. Isn’t it a great kit for you?
More info is here ★https://bit.ly/2nqY3ia ★
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Warning: This is the trial product which is sent by the factory, and it is different from bulk production.

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August 11, 2018 at 03:58PM

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