Satan’s Bite – a straight 8 film by Dean Puckett. by Grasp The Nettle Films

Made for straight 8’s 2018 competition on one cartridge of super 8mm film with only in-camera edits and no post-production. Premiered on may 14th 2018 at straight 8’s Cannes film festival screening.

Writer/Director- Dean Puckett. Producer Rebecca Wolff.
Cinematographer – Ian Forbes. Costume Designer and Makeup Artist – Lia-Jo Stephenson. Production Design – Maisie Doherty. Beast & Owl costumes – Seany Tea. Executive Producer – Gwilym Evans. Titles – Sam Cox.
Soundtrack by Bizarre Rituals –

Starring: Emilia Copeland, Oliver Monaghan, John Elliot, Andrea Goring, Seany Tea, Matthias Peters, Tabitha Minty and introducing Ben Hudson as Trudge.
Behind the Scenes pictures by Dom Moore.
Straight 8 is open to anyone at

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