DREAD RDA – Damm Vape


Dread RDA a new 24mm RDA comes from Damm Vape and I think it’s their first release ever.
With the Dread RDA, you will get special "lolly" tool to rap your own shaped lolly coils, this unique shape covers more area inside your RDA and you need to wick it differently than your use two.
The Dread RDA is very well built and comes in four different colors Black, SS, Rainbow, Gold.
the deck of the dread RDA is Trident shaped deck and you can use your lolly shaped coils or regular coils, I will highly recommend you to try the lolly shaped coils because you’re using simple micro coil wire and getting enhanced flavor more like you will get from an alien coil or Clapton.
I really enjoy this one and it just becomes one of my top favorites for this year!
participate giveaway details:
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2. comment below
3. become a member of "elitevapersgroup"
The two happy winners will be announced on my facebook group page on 10.10.2018!
DAMM VAPE Home Website:
Will be updated as soon as ill found were…
Buy Vaping gear online:
The DREAD RDA and the Lolly tool were sent to me for this review.

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via vapers coil https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQY2k07uZPBOErnN9Q48PnQ

September 14, 2018 at 06:56AM

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