#FRESHBUILDFRIDAY – Profile RDA by Daily Vape TV




Vape Mats- http://www.vapemats.com
15% Off Everything- “dailyvapetv”

Native Wicks- https://goo.gl/bFBPxc

Twisted Messes – https://goo.gl/66sWRk
10% Off Everything- “dailyvapetv”
20% Off Wire- “freshbuildfriday”


Fight for Your Right to Vape!

CASAA ► http://www.casaa.org
TVM ► https://ift.tt/1v1Nu1e
SFATA ► http://www.sfata.org
NBS ► https://ift.tt/18SWrnJ


PATREON ► https://ift.tt/2rMWHQy
DONATE ► https://ift.tt/2iNdEG2
T-SHIRTS ► https://ift.tt/2rPzspk
FB PAGE ► https://ift.tt/1v1Nu1g
FB GROUP ► https://ift.tt/2rLxbex
INSTAGRAM ► https://ift.tt/YhSnbJ
TWITTER ► https://twitter.com/dailyvapetv
TUMBLR ► https://ift.tt/1v1Nu1k

**DISCLAIMER** This video is for entertainment purposes only, build at your own risk. Always use high amp rated batteries. Do not use batteries that are dented, have scratched/torn wrappers, missing insulators etc.

Uploaded 2018-09-14T06:10:16.000Z

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