Golisi S4 Smart Charger & Batteries Review!


Hey guys!!
So today we are taking a look at some accessories and the most important ones when it comes to external battery mods…….BATTERIES AND CHARGERS!!
So Golisi got in touch with me a few weeks back and asked could they send me a charger and some of their Pro Line batteries for me to take a look at. Now I have used Golisi Batteries in the past and I must say they are very very good batteries and out perform most of the main stream companies batteries with ease. As I said in the video the original Geek Vape Aegis came pre loaded with a Golisi 26650 and I loved using that battery in that mod. So Golisi sent over
1 x S4 Smart Charger
2 x 18650 Pro Series Batteries
2 x Golisi 26650 Batteries
1 x 20700 Pro Series Battery
1 x 21700 Pro Series Battery
All have performed fantastic and confirms just how good Golisi batteries actually are. Hope you enjoyed the video! Links, socials and shit! VapeTube! https://ift.tt/2ML2yCw Want to support the channel? Want in? https://ift.tt/2xyRwH1
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October 10, 2018 at 08:39PM

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