Vape your Drink!!! with Campel kit by Smoant “Ελληνική Παρουσίαση” “Greek review“

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Το Campel kit από την Smoant είναι μία μοναδική, πρωτοποριακή και καινοτόμα συσκευή που μας δίνει την δυνατότητα να ατμίσουμε παράλληλα με το υγρό αναπλήρωσης και το ποτό της αρεσκείας μας συνδυάζοντας τις γεύσεις!!!
Λειτουργεί με μία 18650 μπαταρία και έχει εκτός από το 2ml tank για το e liquid και ένα 3ml tank για το ποτό της προτίμησης μας!
Περισσότερα στο βίντεο…
Campbel tank features:
Tank material: stainless steel + quartz glass + 100% Japanese organic cotton
Tank capacity for e-liquids: 2ml Filter material: aluminum alloy + stainless steel + resin + quartz glass
Filter capacity for soft drinks: 3ml
Filter size: 23.5*111*23.5mm
Ni80 0.2ohm coil (30-60W)
How to refill:
Assemble the filter on the body
Pull the filter cover up
Open screw the cap anti-clockwise, add oil to the atomizer. After the refill, screw the cap clockwise, rest for 10 minutes before use it
To open screw the filter cover anti-clockwise
Fill the glass with liquids such soft drink, do not exceed the scale line. After fillng the liquids such soft drink into the glass, turn the filter hood back clockwise. Install the entire filter back into the atomizer
Vaping mixed flavor with any soft drinks and e-liquids
The filter and tank are detachable and easy to clean
510 threading connection
19mm overall diameter
16mm inner diameter
Campbel mod features:
Wattage range: 1-80W
Resistance range: 0.08-3ohm
Voltage range: 3.2-4.2V
Mode: full-battery-output
Charging: 5V/1.0A
Innovative technology: Compbel uses innovative technology, perfectly combines soft drink with vaping into one, gives you different vaping experience
A new way of vaping will satisfy all your needs
Multiple protections:
Reverse protection
Over-heating protection
Low voltage protection
Over current protection
Over-time protection
Over charge protection
Powered by 1*18650 battery Spring-loaded firing button
510 threading connection
Micro-USB charging port
Main features of Smoant CAMPBEL Kit
1. Innovative design 2. Vaping Mixed flavor with any soft drinks and e-liquids
3. Takes single 18650 battery
4. Max 80W output power
5. Tank capacity for e-liquids: 2ML 6. Filter capacity for soft drinks: 3ML
7. The Filter and tanks are detachable and easy to clean.
8. Helps to keep the hit from being too harsh/hot9. Color: Black, golden and blue available Smoant CAMPBEL Kit package includes
1X Smoant Campbel mod 1X Smoant Campbel Tank
1X Micro USB charge cable
2X NI80 OCC 2X Spare Glass tube
1X Spare parts pack
1X User Manual
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October 12, 2018 at 01:02PM

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