OFRF Gear RTA & nexMESH Coil- Smooth Rapid flavor & German PEEK Insulator 丨VAPORL


OFRF Gear RTA has a short air passage design and domed vaporization chanber deliver rapid vapor production and intense flavor, experiment and enhance your flavor punch experience.
1. Smooth Rapid flavor
2. Heat Resistant Drip Tips
3. Easy Wicking No Loose Ends
4. German PEEK Insulator
5. Easy Single Coil Build Deck
OFRF Gear RTA: https://bit.ly/2DtkUnB
OFRF nexMESH Coil evolve your flavor experience. Explore the next generation of mesh coil design with nexMESH triple density gird mesh.
1. Evolve your flavor experience
2. Lower resistance 0.13ohm, high wattage.
3. Taste The Difference, reduced spit back
4. 3x more holes delivers rapid power transfer for lightning fast heating
OFRF nexMESH Coil:https://bit.ly/2zyD3vI
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November 7, 2018 at 12:46PM

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