AVENGER Baby 108Watt Kit By iJOY ~Vape Kit Review~


Thanks for watching our video!
Avenger Baby 108 Watt Kit by Ijoy:
Just say "Hello iJoy" and you’ll be transported right into your favorite summer blockbuster with all the power harnesed within your vape; It’s the Avanger Baby 108w kit! Much like the one who came before, this mod is voice activated and responds to your commands much like a rather popular A.I. that powers Tony Stark’s suit. Simply by giving it a vocal command you can adjust your wattage, lock the device, and so much more! You can also turn this feature off if you’re not interested. This mod is now powered by x2 20350 batteries (included with this kit!) and features a special "Pod Mode" that outputs at a maximum 3.8v for pod and mouth-to-lung (MTL) vapers. Its centered 510 connector makes this kit capable of fitting a countless number of tanks and RDAs up to 30mm diameter and also features a micro USB port for fast charging and future firmware updates. The updated Diamond Baby tank can hold up to 4.0ml of e-Liquid and features a convenient top fill design with a twist off cap.
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November 8, 2018 at 04:53PM

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