Vandy Vape NS Pen Review | in 60 Seconds

This is a great 60-second review of the NS Pen from Vandy Vape.
Welcome the Vandy Vape NS Pen Kit! Touting a sleek and slim design that is easy to carry, this Pen should not be written off. Shaped like… well… a pen, it may be small (128mm tall) but it is just right for your vaping needs! Coming with a magnetic – ya… magnetic – drip tip that is comfortable to vape with, you have the added bonus of it being dustproof! Small in stature, big on taste. The Vandy Vape NS Pen meets your needs and gives you so much more!
You can find the NS Pens here –
NS Pen Coils are here –
If you are new to VapeWild we have a bonus waiting for you here –
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November 9, 2018 at 02:33PM

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