Comeback Kid by Ian Robertson

Sixteen-year-old Hugh is living a nice, normal, teenage existence when a past life’s unsatisfied urges make him want to seduce his girlfriend’s mum and kill her dad. He finds it all very confusing.

BFI London Film Festival 2017
Austin Film Festival 2017
London Short Film Festival 2018
Brooklyn Horror Film Festival 2018
Bolton Film Festival 2018
Fresh Meat Budapest Film Festival 2018
WINNER ‘Best Post Graduate Cinematography’ Royal Television Awards 2018

Hugh: Tom Cawte
Carol: Emma Beattie
Jenny: Olivia Sawbridge
Alistair: Neil Stewart
David: Ross Armstrong

Director: Ian Robertson
Writer: Sam Steiner
Producer: Nathan Craig
Cinematographer: Jon Muschamp
Production Designer: Ana Martínez Fernández
Editor: Zsófia Tálas
Sound Recordist: Kirsty Wright
Sound Designer: Michalianna Theofanopoulou
Composer: Hollie Buhagiar
Colourist: David Sheldon
1st Assistant Director: Ewan Stewart
Costume Designer: Sophie O’Neill
Make-up Artist: Coral Todd
Title Sequence: Bijun Zhuge
Title Sequence & Thumbnail Design: Dinamitalight

Uploaded 2018-12-03T08:10:36.000Z

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