Vaping Gross E-Liquid! Trying the worst vape flavors ever – Part 12

Disgusting vape flavors are a plenty. As soon as we think we’ve tried every gross e-liquid out there, a new batch of unholy, weird vape juices rears its ugly head. So we’re back. And this time, we decide to get a little diabolical with it and make our own gross e-liquid concoctions. In this video, we try beef jerky, durian, and mix a couple of our own new evil vape juice flavors, Gas Station Sushi, and Netflix and Chill. Enjoy. We hope that us punishing our palettes pleases you. And if you want to get some of the best e-liquid out there and support this channel, get here: and use this code for a discount on your first box: 10ZBYOUTUBE

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via ZampleBox

December 6, 2018 at 01:26AM

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