“__ /__ /__” by Claudia Barral


In “__ / __ / __” we explore the limits of time and it’s course. It captures the trip to different instants, always from the same place, expanding the possibilities of the ellipsis and giving birth to an artistic universe that evoques memories using always the same spacial coordinates.

Directed by Claudia Barral
Written by Claudia and Juanjo Barral
Cinematography by Andy Pulido
Art Direction by Andrea Gandarillas

1942 – Rubén Almazan
1942 – Marta Hervás
1937 – Hector Molnar
1951 – Andrea Raluca
2018 – Alberto Alonso
2004 – Pedro Torres
2004 – Sara Zas
2003 – Asunción Molina
2012 – María Porlán
1951 – Aadrian Estefan
1961 – Enrique Díez
2078 – Isabel Pérez
1931 – Alicia Sanchez
1965 – Daniela Rodas
1950 – Sergio del Fresno

Executive Producers – Claudia Barral, Andy Pulido, El Trampoline, Tesauro S.A.
Director of Production – Claudia Barral
Head of Production – Oscar Zamora
Music and Sound Design – Ignacio Bonet
First Assistant Director – Carlos Saiz
First Assistant Camera – Jose A.Navarro
Gaffer – Ricardo Varela
Electricians – Jaime Paunero, Jon Cámara, Andrés González
Set Dressers – Carlota Wilmshurst, Denitsa Georgieva, Brenda Ranieri
Stylist – Mapi Boix
Hair and Makeup – Yaiza Cruz, Ester López
Editor – Claudia Barral
Colorist – Nadia Khairat
VFX – Javier del Prado
Voice Over – Jeff Espinoza
Location Sound – Jesús Loniego
Traslator – Javier Santos
Special Thanks – Javier Crespo, Vicky Santamaría, Milagros Magaz, Juanjo Barral, Diego Comendador,
Nacho P. de Guzmán, Pancho Alted, Verónica Orueta, Adriana Simón, Jorge Duro and Teddy ♥


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