soft by Christian Haller

soft is an audiovisual translation of the “sense of feeling things”

a film by
Christian Haller
Kris Lüdi

Christian Haller
Severin Van der Meer
Nicholas Wolken
James Niederberger
David Babacar Djité
Levi Luggen
Deniz Cinek

in association with
Monster Energy
Burton Snowboards

director Kris Lüdi
creative direction Christian Haller Kris Lüdi
editor Kris Lüdi
production Christian Haller HILLTON
cinematography Kris Lüdi Stephan Maurer Tom Elliott Pierre Castillo Bernad
Sven Probst David Vladyka Alexander Adrian Justin Eeles Jonas Steinbacher
colorist Yves Roy Vallaster
visual effects Ivan Lüthi
graphic design Boris Stoll
music supervision Kris Lüdi Florent de Maria
sound mix Jingle Jungle Tonstudios

Uploaded 2018-12-06T09:37:04.000Z

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