Nic River – Cream Dream (Flavor Concentrate Review) Josh Vapes

Nicotine River Cream Dream
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The Best flavors Flavorah
Flavour Art
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Premixed VG With Nicotine (Highly Recommend for beginners)…
This is a Chanel on DIY E liquid. Please use protection when using nicotine products. Nicotine is very hazardous and should be handled with care. You must be 18 + to view my channel and my videos. If you see a video with myself handling nicotine without gloves does not mean you should do the same. I use premixed nicotine which means its already blended with nicotine and is only 6 mg’s strong. Which means its allot safer then handling 48 mg’s-100mg’s. Become a Patreon to help my page!

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December 9, 2018 at 12:38AM

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