Xenomorph by Zombie Killer Mods
The production uses high quality materials.
Such as: Delrin, Ultem, Juma, Stabwood, Aluminum.
Work on the device begins with the selection of design and material.
There are author’s designs and individual designs.
Design is selected at the request of the client.
The bulk of the work is manual labor, 80%.
Each mod is individual and has its own serial number and originality card.
For the manufacture of contacts silver 925 is used.
Used Reset connectors, Xstar bottles.
There are versions of mods: standard, limited and luxury.
The standard is a fully delrin mod.
The limit is a delrin box and an aluminum door and button.
The luxury is all aluminum with a gold insert and precious stones.
The body is made on a milling machine from a single piece of material. This gives strength and durability to the product. 3D printing is not used.
Engraving is performed on precision machines.
Design can be almost anything.
The price of the standard version is $ 280, limited to $ 350, luxury 800 $.

PLEASE, remember these are just my opinions, I am just some bloke in a shed with a webcam after all, so I would strongly advise that you research everything before you buy, never go off just my opinion, read and view as many reviews as you can. The majority of my reviews are for products I have received free for review, this in no way affects my opinion.

Unless other wise stated, any premade coils used in my videos have been supplied by https://ift.tt/2EcMyGh

Ensure that you check your resistances and batteries before firing any device, vaping safety must always be your first priority.


Battery advice and info here – https://ift.tt/1EMkZOg

For 2019, all charity donations shall be going to;

Claire House Children Hospice – https://ift.tt/2T47OEn

Dementia UK – https://ift.tt/2IqkOAk

Shelter – https://ift.tt/2Tba4K2


Music by – https://ift.tt/27oKBvG
Facebook – https://ift.tt/2CtY7rp
Website – https://ift.tt/16feYl0
Pinterest – https://ift.tt/2ix331X
Twitter – https://twitter.com/ToddsReviews
Email – todd@toddsreviews.com
Equipment I use:

Grecian 2000 light brown
VO5 Hair Gel
Panasonic HC-V720
A Shed
Working Cocker Spaniel (painting by https://ift.tt/2h7zTpV)
A very patient wife.

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