S+C+A+R+R – The Rest Of My Days by Passion Paris


Discover S + C + A + R + R ’s first music video, a singular opus directed by Jack Antoine Charlot for Cinq7.
An intoxicating music and a sequence shot to dance to, unplug and get away from it all ! Plunge yourself in full immersion into this timeless universe, let yourself be carried away by the electro-hypnotic dance steps of this captivating character and this bewitching heady sound. Dance like S + C + A + R + R – Share your groove.

Directed by: Jack Antoine Charlot
Produced by Passion Paris
Producer: Marc Bodin-Joyeux & Marion Vermogen
Post-Producer: Emile Chaillou & Rita Oliveira

Recorded produced and Mixed by: Dan Levy
@ The WatchTower Studio – Madville

Choreographer: Nicolas Huchard
Assistant Choreographer: Yorina Bosco

DOP and VFX Supervisor: Mehdi Alavi
Cameraman and Stuntman: Paul Lavau
Team Manager: Julie Bellemare
Fitness Trainer: Hadrien Farre
Acting Coach: Axel Digoix
VFX Artist: Clementine Choplain
Stylist: Maxime Granger
Osteopath: Philippe Nguyen

Chief Carpenter: Alan Gac
Architect: Pauline Dageville
Light Shaft Engineer: Ludivine Rome

Special thanks to Remi Brun, Mathias Chelebourg, Camille Beauplan

Mastered by: Chab’ Translab
Sound Design by Remi Durel

Passion Paris
Wagram Music

Uploaded 2020-02-14T14:36:00.000Z

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