「Petition」Legalizing Vaping and HnB in Taiwan https://ift.tt/35vBxMj


阻止衛福部黑箱修惡法 支持減害菸品抽稅納管

🔗連署連結🔗 https://join.gov.tw/idea/detail/f21151a4-849c-401b-98d4-88d7a1f3a468[legalize vaping petition Taiwan](https://join.gov.tw/idea/detail/f21151a4-849c-401b-98d4-88d7a1f3a468/endorse?ctoken=1077400266&size=100&page=1)

連署只差一千多人,懇請支持連署、分享,謝謝🙏阻止衛福部黑箱修惡法 支持減害菸品抽稅納管🔗連署連結🔗 https://join.gov.tw/idea/detail/f21151a4-849c-401b-98d4-88d7a1f3a468%5Blegalize vaping petition Taiwan](https://ift.tt/2DVVm46)

Submitted September 13, 2020 at 10:46AM by canceryoung
via reddit https://ift.tt/3irGLMF}

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