Video project for FLORA CAIC, two songs by Ferran Palau

Director: Pablo Maestres

Produced by: Bungard Film, Primo & Eighty4
Record label: Hidden Track Records in collaboration with Primavera Labels

DOP: Marc Miró
AD: Mia P. Salazar

Producer Bungard Film: Georg Bungard
Executive Producer: Inés Segura
Producer Primo: Inés Massa
Production Director: Julia Estruga

Focus Puller: Laura Fernández
Casting: Anton Borgström, Tove Näsström, Ferran Palau

Director of Production Service: Bo Johan Sörensen
Location Manager and Production Service in Sweden: Ingrid Fridesjö, Maya Umar, Blamorama Productions
Drone: Oscar Byström

Coreography: Guille Vidal-Ribas

Editor: Georg Bungard
VFX: Eighty4
Colour: Marc Morató (Metropolitana)

Stylism: Rocio Garrido Rus, Beatrice Trodden

Music Editor: Jordi Matas
Sound Design: Ana López

Uploaded 2020-07-31T13:16:15.000Z

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