1000 Mile Dream by Taproot Pictures


Liza Dietzen has dreamt of competing as a dog sledder since learning about the Iditarod in kindergarten. Ever since, she’s dedicated the majority of her life to raising and caring for her sled dog team, fostering a deep bond built on mutual trust. In her words, “To see 12 to 16 different personalities [of the sled team] all coming together, and you’re a part of that, it’s hard to put into words exactly what it means to you…it’s magical.” We follow Liza and her team’s journey to compete in the UP 200, a qualifying race for the Iditarod.

Production Company – Taproot Pictures
Director – Karl R. Koelling
Executive Producer – Anders Nordblom
Producer – Josh Carrasquillo
Cinematographer and Editor – Matthew Bouwense
Assistant Editor – Ryan Hagerman
Associate Producer – Tara Plizga
Sound Mixer – Ryan Hagerman
Music Licensing – Musicbed
Music Artists – Luke Atencio, Cowboys in Japan, Chris Coleman
Sound Design – Christian Stropko
Color – Matthew Bouwense

Special Thanks to:

The Upper Peninsula Sled Dog Association
The Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race
Sherri Wolf
Tim “Stinky” Wood
Derek Weaver
Darlene Walch
The Dietzens
Ogden Club
Braincell Camera
Red Digital Cinema Support

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