Five minutes to sea by Natalia Mirzoyan

The film shows a small but memorable moment from childhood, juxtaposed with the theme of old age and the difference in perception of time at the end and the beginning of life.
Music and sound design – Artem Fadeev
Direction, script and design – Natalia Mirzoyan
Producers – Anatoliy Prokhorov, Nadezhda Kuznetsova, Ilia Popov

Prizes and selections:
Encaunters (England, 2019) Grand prix
Animayo (Spain, 2019 ) Grand prize
Animator (Poland, 2019) Silver Pegasus
Animafest Zagreb (Croatia, 2019) Ruth Lingford’s award
Taichung International Animation Festival (Taiwan, 2018) Jury Distinction Prize
Krok (Russia, 2018)Jury Special prize, Audience award
Tofuzi (Georgia, 2019) Grand prix
Animasivo (Mexico, 2019) Best international short
Indie-anifest (South Korea, 2018) Grand Prize “Light of Asia”
Mecal (Spain, 2019) special mention
Animakom (Spain, 2019) special mention
Animator Fest (Serbia, 2019) Grand prix
Animaevka (Belarus, 2018) Best direction
Luchezarniy angel (Russia, 2019) Best animated film
Multivision (Russia, 2019) Special Jury mention
KDIAF(Taiwan, 2018) Honorable mentioned of KuanDog Prize
Cinemazero(Italy, 2018) Best film
Ficil bio-bio (Chili, 2018) Best film
Canterbury anifest (England, 2019 ) Best film
Suzdal(Russia, 2019) special jury award, prize of Tatarskiy, audience award
Ikar award(Russia, 2019) best film, best direction
Insomnia (Russia, 2019) Grand prize
Supertoon (Croatia, 2019) Special mention
Corti a Ponte (Italy, 2019) Best slow short film
Play (Portugal, 2019) Honorable mention
Golden frame (Estonia, 2019) Best film
Zabut (Italy, 2020) Best short film
Bang awards (Portugal, 2020) Best online film
Festival Animation Berlin (Germany, 2020) Best international animation
Annecy (France, 2019) Official selection
Anima (Belgium, 2019) Official selection
Fantoche (Switzerland, 2018) Official selection
Ottawa(Canada, 2018) Panorama
Klik(Netherlands, 2018) Official selection
Animanima(Serbia, 2018) Official selection
Balkanima(Serbia, 2018) Official selection
Anifilm (Czech, 2019) Official selection
Animateka (Slovenia, 2019) Official selection

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