WHAT HAPPENED TO CROW 64? by Adam Butcher


A documentary about a long lost N64 game.
Created and edited by Adam Butcher
Research by Adam Butcher & Luke Butcher

Patreon: https://ift.tt/2HakZ2g
Game Merch: https://ift.tt/2SWdC11

“Opening” – Super Mario 64
“Japan Sea” – Mystical Ninja
“Credits B” – Castlevania 64
“Adon Hub” – Turok 2
“Annex” – Castlevania 64
“Overworld with Two Crystals” – Glover
All available here: https://ift.tt/379Wc9D
Additional Music by Alisdair Cairns

Essay Sound Design by Frankie Beirne @ The Factory
Special Thanks to Alan Tang, Kelvin Chim, Lou Allen, Francis Longhurst, Laura Mahy, Alec Milne, Ed Moline, Alex Thorne, Andre Slaatta, Vlad Ilic, Ines Nastali, Ben Claxton, Tom Carrell, James Pearson, Pete Shuttleworth


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