Process Presents — To Draw A Horse by Process

To Draw A Horse | Documentary | 15:01 | USA

Short of the Week — Official Selection
Film Shortage — Official Selection
Director’s Library — Official Selection

“I think that’s a very succinct summation of what To Draw A Horse is and why it’s so great—it’s cinematic therapy. And, in a time when everything feels bleak, I’d argue, it should be required viewing.”

To Draw A Horse is an intimate portrait of self-taught home designer Bob Butler.

The film catches Bob a few months after he shuts down his company at the height of its success to take on a personal project.

Directed by Brenton Fosner & Stephen Stinson
Director of Photography | Logan Dillard
Editor(s) | Brenton Fosner & Stephen Stinson
Colorist | Logan Dillard

Score | Sanders Bohlke (Visual Aid)
Sound Design & Mix | Cody Twitchell (Fives Original)
Title Design | DEVOTE

Production | Back Down South Films ( & Firecat (

Uploaded 2020-10-21T11:41:22.000Z

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