Jules – Men In Progress by Julien & Quentin


Directed by Julien & Quentin
Production Co: @hamlet.tv
Executive Producers: @jjfelstead & @rubengoots
Producer: @thomaslandeloos
Dop: @toddy911
Production Designer: @benevanacker
Stylist: @lisalapauw
Casting: @oimundo_casting
Make up: @_sarah.roman_
Post Producer: @Dominique Ruys
Grading: @xavier_dockx
Editing: @mariereglissemonsimier
Sound Design: @soundslikesonhouse
Music: Quentin Garabedian
VFX and post-production: @divide.tv

Agency: @air_brussels
Creatives: Air Creative Council
RTV Producer: @be.lurquin
Account Director: @paulineheraly & @AnastasiaBousson

Thanks to all the amazing crew !!! ❤️

Uploaded 2020-11-02T15:33:14.000Z

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