12,000 KM by Erik Nylander


12,000 KM
Trans-Siberian to Japan

The prevailing climate threat has made a bunch of Swedish extreme skiers and snowboarders travel with trains and boats from Stockholm through Russia all the way to Japan, in search of deep powder and the adventure of a lifetime. 

A great amount of humor, hectic meetings and world-class riding sums up this epic journey.

Directed, filmed, edited and produced by:
Erik Nylander

Tom-Oliver Hedvall
Sibylla Lundström
Matteus Lestage
Evgeniy Joon Ivanov
Johan Rosén
William Larsson
Kostya San
Daisuke Hiroma

Additional filming:
Johan Rosén
Marcus Rönne

Drone operators:
William Larsson
Tom-Oliver Hedvall
Marcus Rönne

Erik Nylander

Joakim Rissveds
Chimney Group

Sound design:
Noah Johnson
Viktor Bergdahl

Original music:
Oliver Reid

Leo Vickman

Graphic design(Poster etc):
Anton Silvola

Jeffrey Corrado

Oliver Reid – oliverjoshreid.com
Grapell – grapell.com
The Jon Johns –
Noah Johnson
Epidemic Sound

Supported by:
Film Västernorrland
Protect Our Winters
Epidemic Sound
Chimney Group

Special thanks to:
Oona von Zweygbergk
Amanda Kähler
Maja Tössberg
Anders Justin
Kostya San
Daisuke Hiroma, Kamasisisou
Calle Wachmaister
Axel Engström
Otaki Shinichirou

Uploaded 2020-11-06T09:56:07.000Z

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