A Love/Hate Relationship by Anna Ginsburg


Short Film for Breast Cancer Now !!! I was asked to visualise the nuances and complexities of women’s relationship with their breasts. I hope you find some relatable moments in here and are inspired to check your boobs however you may feel about them.


Production company – Strange Beast
Producer – Amy Ashton
Senior Producer – Zoe Muslim
Executive Producer – Kitty Turley
Animation – Anna Ginsburg, Matt Lloyd, George Wheeler, Sheetal Thankey, Harriet Gillian
Animation Assistants – Laura Jayne Hodkin, Natasha Pollack, Maria Beverley Morris, Eloise Garlick, Sorrel Milne
Music Composition – George Grinling
Executive Creative Director – Steve Back, Weber Shandwick
Associate Creative Director – Janelle Feliciano, Weber Shandwick

THANK YOU EVERYONE THIS ONE WAS A REAL JOY. Gonna order some nipple tassels to celebrate.

Uploaded 2020-11-06T13:15:50.000Z

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