Happy Cakeday, r/Coilporn! Today you’re 7

Let’s look back at some memorable moments and interesting insights from last year.Your top 10 posts:”Fresh staggered, framed, exo tsuka, fused barbed wire alien build really poppin off.” by u/ShaftamusPrime”The slow and steady process of the Alien Staggerton ✌️👽☮️” by u/troublesome4200″Mothership” by u/Jmo27_builds”Fresh build” by u/apocalypticdiynewb”10~29g/38g staggered fused Clapton all n80″ by u/cusstomdessinz”Torched” by u/Jmo27_builds”Glo Shot” by u/Outlaw7697″Fab coil porn” by u/VOOPOO_Tech”Dusted off this build for another shot with the new lighting. 26-35/42/42 sfc” by u/cusstomdessinz”Who likes fat staggs💪🏻?” by u/Jmo27_builds

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