So you may be thinking to yourself…I’ve seen this review already?!?!! Well your probably right! A few days after this review first aired I was contacted by MCM Mods Philippines and they informed me they was working with 313 innovations and they had asked a member of MCM to reach out to me and see whether I would give them a chance to redeem themselves & would I take the review down for a temporary period whilst 313 innovations worked on there RDA and sent me the new product to “re-review”. I agreed to these terms and in general I’m a VERY fair person and believe everyone deserves a second chance! So I took this review down on those conditions. Apart from being made to feel AND look like a liar by MCM Mods they also didn’t keep to the agreement so I’m doing the right thing and re uploading this AWFUL RDA!!

I would like to take a moment to apologise to everyone for taking this review down in the first place, I NEVER should have taken it down and I’ve learnt a valuable lesson from all of this.

I’ve always had a decent relationship with MCM Mods and was just trying to be a decent person and friend to maolech Uy and Charmie Torres (owners of MCM) and give 313 innovations a second chance in this multi million pound industry but after the way I’ve been made to look and feel frankly I couldn’t give 2 shits now.

Again my sincere apologies, KEEP IT CLEAN!!